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Our people have designed a number of clean energy power plants based on renewable fuels, using our own technologies as well as those from other companies.


We can provide our clients with a complete plant, or partial plant design, encompassing all design disciplines from process, mechanical, electrical, structural, piping and C&I.


If requested we can also supply some of the equipment or the complete plant on a turnkey basis if required. We can also act as owners engineer.


Our special areas of expertise are combustion, gasification (solid fuel and natural gas), steam raising plant, steam turbines and air cooled condensers.


Our experience is based on plants in the range of 1 – 25MWe. Our particular knowhow, gained originally in the offshore market, gives us the ability to design a compact, modularised plant with minimum piping and cabling, saving considerable cost for our clients.


Our plant solutions provide the lowest cost base in the market today.

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