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Waste heat boilers (WHB’s) recover useful energy from exhaust gas streams from many industrial, waste and power generation processes and help to save fuel and reduce CO2  emissions. Our engineers have designed solutions for hundreds of applications from clean gas turbine exhausts through to the dirtiest and most arduous of conditions where fouling and corrosion are overiding design factors. We have rectangular or circular WHB’s with radiant membrane wall’s and convective bare tubes, helically finned tubes or longitudinally finned tubes depending on the application and location in the boiler.


With more than 40 years of wide ranging experience our designers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise unsurpassed in the industry, providing unique solutions to your challenging applications. Our engineers have invented and patented many new solutions that have changed the way industry works, including cutting edge light weight and compact circular designs that reduce space and weight on offshore platforms. Our engineers invented circular WHB solutions for the offshore industry that are now being adopted as the preferred design for combined cycle power generation. These include, Circular HRSG's and OTSG's (COTSG's, CHRSG's)

Applications for Waste Heat Boilers are almost limitless however, the following are a few examples:

  • Gas Turbines (WHRU's, HRSG's, OTSG's, COTSG's, CHRSG's)

  • Reciprocating Engines

  • Fluid Bed Combustors

  • Fluid Bed Gasifiers

  • Biomass Burning Grates

  • Waste Burning Grates (RDF, SRF etc)

  • Thermal Oxidisers

  • Sewage Sludge Incinerators

  • Carbon Black

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